Tired of the Cycle

Are you tired of going through the cycle of losing-gaining-losing-gaining weight?

No Results

Have you tried all forms of dieting but experienced no result?

Simply Lose Weight

Do you know you can get a simple list of things to do to lose weight in no time and get your summer body in full effect?

Where we come in?

LoseWeightOrGetPaid.com is a health and fitness platform dedicated to helping individuals achieve their weight loss goals. We are health and nutrition experts. We have studied a lot of popular and non-popular diets, have done a lot of research also studied official research papers. We concluded that most of the information available to the public and by most consumers accepted as "the truth" is just a myth and simply false!

An example is "Carbs are bad for you" or "fruits have too much sugar".

All these myths are false and following them does not guarantee you will lose weight.

Try it now

There are about 108 million people in the United States that are either overweight, obese or suffering from morbid obesity.

These are the questions you must ask yourself when starting a diet plan. Let's face it, there are many ways to lose weight, but if you're looking for long-term success, then the fast, easy fad diets of pills, shakes, supplements, grapefruit, and pineapple are not what you're looking for.

Long Term

We know you want to lose weight fast, but would you rather have long-term success or short-term success?


You need a reliable program that will provide results for life.

Why you should purchase this package?


Holistic Approach

The "No Secret Diet" Package is a holistic approach to proper dieting and exercising. You should not forgo one for the other, we won't tell you otherwise.

Time Well Spent

You do not need to invest hours and hours of valuable time before you can get started. It is not a lengthy drivel or ebook on what you have heard before.


You do not need to study long explanations or cooking recipes to make tasteless dishes and smoothies.


The 'No Secret Diet' package is a concise and simple guide to getting your health back. We have articulated this package in the best way possible.

The 'NO SECRET DIET' Package

What are you waiting for?

Why this platform is for you?


Commit to be fit

The ‘No Secret Diet’ will help you achieve your weight loss goals in no time. To get to your desired body size, you need to follow a guide that takes a holistic outlook on weight loss.

Beyond losing weight

This program should go beyond just losing weight by incorporating a natural and healthy eating lifestyle.

Be informed

The ‘No Secret Diet’ is not a radical piece of information or some alternative form of medicine that tries to sell you hard on something you don’t already know.

Old but gold rules

The ‘No Secret Diet’ is a package that reaffirms and compliments the old but gold rules of weight loss.

Worked before, will work now

No fluffs, no cookie cutters, you get what has worked for some of our team members and still works for thousands of our clients.

Guaranteed by our

'Get Paid' initiative

We believe in what we have put together. This package is a product of years of research and experimentation.

In view of this, we will refund any customer that applies the tips in the ‘No Secret Diet’ with a good dose of faith and discipline and did not get the desired results.

We will refund you 10x over if the "No secret diet" fails you after 8 weeks of applying the methods in the package.

How to prove and claim your $100:

Before   &   After

If you can prove using ‘before and after’ pics.

Date   &   Time

By using a machine with a date and time feature.

Start Losing Weight Now!

Our Pricing

The 'No Secret Diet' Package


A thorough guide structured specifically to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

  • Holistic Approach
  • Verified
  • Effective
  • Concise

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We will pay you $19.99 if you send a video testimonial telling us/the community about how the 'No Secret Diet' has worked for you.

This is a no-brainer. You have absolutely nothing to lose.



What People Say ?

Many things happened through those years and you'd think would be a trigger to lose weight — from embarrassments because I couldn't fit on the ride to getting a seat belt extender on an airplane. But one day, I just thought, I want to live a long life and see my daughter grow up. I got the 'No secret diet' page link from a friend and I took it upon myself to make it work. 60 pounds and still hitting those miles.

Joy Rudyard

When I got a dreaded report from my doctor I realized it was time to make a change. Heart disease ran in the family — and I didn't want to be susceptible to health problems down the road. That was the trigger, I thought, 'I've got to do something about this,' I got in on the "No Secret Diet' Mania. My Blood pressure level is at an all time low. Can I say all praise to the 'No Secret Diet' package?

Kayden Woody

Though I'd struggled with disordered eating and weight gain for a long time, it wasn't until I met my now-second husband that I decided it was time to shape up for good. Plus, as a mother of two, I wanted to be a healthy role model for MY children. The 'No Secret Diet' came off as an experiment and it grew on me after I began to see results. I am happy. It is worth every penny spent.

Diana Aidan

Finding a diet that works in the long-term is hectic When I was overweight, used to skip breakfast and lunch, only to find myself snacking and overeating at night. Fad diets had failed me— so I decided to go all in with the 'No Secret Diet' hoping it will not fail me. I started to focus on eating clean, whole foods…I eliminated anything processed and BOOM!!! I was getting leaner.

Christopher Dashiell

I am an optimist at heart; I had to re-work my attitude to stick to a routine of measuring what I ate and exercising diligently. "While I'm exercising, I'm telling myself, 'You can do that, you're strong, you're fast, you're amazing,' and then my body will follow," This "I can" attitude draws from the inspiration gotten from 'The No Secret Diet'.

Harry Caiden

Just a few days shy of my 27th birthday; I suffered a major body breakdown, which left me bedridden. The health scare served as a total wake-up call, and when my doctor encouraged me to take experimental medication to deal with the symptoms, I opted to embark on my own, natural weight loss journey instead. The 'No Secret Diet' is a life changer.

Fran Louella

The secret is starting with confidence-boosting, beginner-level routines, and finding a workout you can squeeze into your life. As busy as my schedule, having a workout routine I can do in between appointments or any time throughout the day is the only way I will get anything done. The 'No Secret Diet' afforded me the chance to get things done.

Warner Calanthe

During the pregnancy of my third child, I was depressed and watched as the number on the scale went. In all, I gained over 100 pounds and things weren't looking good. I came across the 'No Secret Diet' and in 3 months, I dropped 40 pounds after applying the pointers judiciously. I know for a fact that the 'No Secret Diet' plan works.

Maggie Holmes

I committed to doing at least 15 minutes of movement every single day, I started with walking and once I had more energy, gentle yoga and stretching. Fifteen minutes sounds way less intimidating than an hour-long cardio program, so the little steps really matter. That's what the 'No Secret Diet' has taught me.

Pat Redd

I was a wrecking train. I couldn't go out, socialize or network. I lost a lot of friends down the line. I joined a group on Facebook and found the 'No Secret Diet'. I was skeptical but after months of application, my energy levels and stamina skyrocketed. By the 8-month mark, I had lost over 100 pounds.

Elias Tel

Carving 30 minutes a day for myself has made all of the difference. So many of us tell ourselves that we're selfish if we make time for ourselves, especially if we care for our bodies. But the 30 minutes a day I made for myself has made me edge closer to my health goals. Thanks to 'The No Diet' plan.

Claude Kenyon

I was always a stress eater, and between being a lonely wife, I had plenty of difficult emotions to deal with. I realized I needed to make conscientious efforts towards reaching my health goals. I started doing a lot of running and cutting down on my carb intakes.

Letty Deniece

I began my weight-loss journey with a sky-high goal: to look like the women in fitness magazines. "I honestly had no idea how I could accomplish this feat, but I was determined," I already love working out, so I bought the 'No diet plan'. I am closer today than I was yesterday to my magazine bod.

Kylie Ebba

The workout was a mix of things that involved high-intensity cardio. I struggled in the first month but grew in motivation. I also cleaned up my diet. From there, I cut out fast food and processed snacks and ate a balanced diet centered on lean protein, fruits, nuts, and whole grains. I am looking sharper than ever.

James Wallace

Learning how to eat better and cleaner along with exercising five to six days a week took me from 150 pounds in June to 120 pounds in October. I thought the $10 was too much for a guide, I mean we are not talking about a software. But it paid off; I know what works and what doesn't.

Betty Reilly

I used to leave the dinner table feeling stuffed. Now I stick to a single serving of everything, and if I'm still hungry, I'll eat a piece of fruit. Going from 2,500 calories a day to about 1,450 by ditching the drive through, avoiding processed foods, and replacing six-sodas-a-day with water.

Khloe Lee

As any woman knows, losing weight isn't just about physical health, but emotional wellness as well. For me, it was time to feel better in both of those realms. I've always been about an average weight but started to put on weight because of depression. I got hold of the 'No Secret Diet' plan and I have seen results, slowly but surely.

Penn Jean

I make vision boards of where I want to be and what I want to look at. That was how I ensured the 'No Secret Diet' became a thing of habit for me. Looking at these boards on a daily basis has trained my mind to ensure my health is my number 1 priority.

Page Justina

To lose it all, I started with my diet as the 'No Secret Diet' name implies: "I gave up almost all processed sugar and started to label read like it was a new hobby." With these simple changes (and no odd diet!), I shed 88 pounds in a year.

Regana Ashlynn

The 'No Secret Diet' is the best gift, a friend has ever given me. I discussed my weight-loss struggles, such as finding the energy to work out after a long day, and triumphs on my Facebook page. The process is so therapeutic for me.

Everette Finnegan

"I tried not to set my goals too high," "I wanted to get to 150 pounds but I figured with doing only 15 minutes here and there, there was no way that could ever happen." But after cutting fast food from my diet, and focusing on portion control, just as instructed in the 'No Secret Diet' plan, I started to lose weight.

Arn Barret

I knew my 220 pounds frame was holding me back from being the dad I wanted to be. I was running outside trying to fly a kite and I realized I couldn't run around very well. Just realizing I had gotten to the point that I couldn't run with my daughter anymore was a wake-up call. The 'No Secret Diet'.

Clive Jerrold

To be very honest, my diet hasn't changed too much, but what I think has changed the most is my mindset. Because I'm not calling it 'a diet,' because it's nothing odd or bizarre just as The No Secret Diet" landing page reads. Instead of doing a huge overhaul, I started making tiny tweaks to my meal plan and I became healthier.

Mary Stacey

I realized my true goal was to stay in my children's lives for as long as possible—and that the key to putting my children first was to prioritize eating healthy and losing weight to be the mom I wanted to be. I wasn't obese but slightly overweight. One month down the pipeline and I was back in my normal range.

Kerry Shelton

As a mom with two children, I no longer care about being thin as much as I value being healthy. It took me thirty years to realize that weight gain isn't a life sentence. When it comes to weight management, you never run out of opportunities to try again. I tried again with the 'No Secret Diet' and there was no looking back.

Shelly Camron

I noticed my blood pressure was rising. While I didn't have health issues, I was worried I could be at risk for heart disease. What's helped me lose weight is the 'No Secret Diet' exercising three days a week, usually by walking. It seems simple but is super effective. Best money I ever spent.

Shelly Wilbur

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